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I'm 17 weeks pregnant and my baby does not move is that normal

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i already have 2 boy and with both it was nothing but jumping up because they would move so much at 4 months. I get worried sometimes because this baby dosen't move for days or sign of life. is that normal?

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girl yes your ok. im 19 wks and still havent felt mine.. i had a sono today that sucker was moving everywhere!! if its your first its probably hard to tell what it is.. i couldnt even feel it when i SAW it, your ok.. especially if your having prenatal visits, can hear the heart, and are growing normal. if anything ask your doc for a sono!
i ment to tell you too bigger girls(dunno if you are but i am) have a harder time in the beginning feeling it b/c of our security padding ;) but ive also heard smaller girls tell me they didnt feel even baby 3 until 22 wks.. were ok!
yeah its fine dont worry my friend didnt feel her baby move untill 28 weeks i was a early starter on everything started getting a little tiny baby bump at 9 weeks felt the baby move at like 16 weeks everyone is differant dont worry its fine., good luck!!!! hope this helps!!!! :)
What you feel depends on a lot of variables - you feel the kicks directed toward the front more than the back.  If your placenta is more toward the front of your belly, you'll feel less.  Or the baby could just be oriented with her back to your front.  Most women don't feel anything until after 20 weeks.  If you get worried, ask your OB for a quick ultrasound check.  A nurse can do it and it takes two minutes - and the sound of baby's heart will put your heart at rest.
I didnt feel my baby until about 19 or 20 weeks along. And the movements were not very strong at first, so yes i would say it is normal.
I didn't feel my baby movement till 22 weeks, it is a girl and 1st child.
yes its quite normal and ok, cos i havent felt mine too and its 18weeks now. dont worry u will feel the movement soon.

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