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Im 17 years old and I think Im pregnant.

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I'm 17 years old, my boyfriend is 26 years old and we have been having unprotected sex for the past 4 moths. We can't use condoms because I am allergic to latex and my birth control has been making me sick so I went off of it. We slept together after my last period and I am now 3 weeks late. I have been alot more tired lately, upset stomach (no vomiting), very emotional, soar breast and strange food cravings. Should I be worried? And what should I do? Please help Im really scared!

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First of all, you should not be in a r relationship with a 26 year old man. Not only is it statutory rape, it just isn't appropriate. Also, you should be using some sort of protection if you are having sex. There are non-latex condoms, though they are less effective than latex. There are also many other forms of hormonal and non-hormonal birth control that you can use. Talk to your far as a potential pregnancy goes, take a pregnancy test. That's the only way to know for sure.
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