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I'm 17 yrs old and 7 wks pregnant. And worried..

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I'm Tabi. I have cramps that go to my lower back. I havent been to an ob yet, i will next Wednesday. I have no idea what to do and i'm also worried that I'm going to lose my baby. Help?

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As long as you are not bleeding or passing any clots, cramping is pretty normal. I was crampy practically my whole pregnancy. If you do start bleeding or the cramps get really painful, call the OB you have an appointment with to see what they recommend for you.
im tabby too :) lol but i have am the same weeks as you and i am also going to the doctor the 13th this month, but i also have cramps too and i looked up that it is quite alright that we cramp up but like kimmieapples said if they get worse go straight to ur phone and make an appointment!
Cramps are normal during your first trimester, I had them a lot and I was so worried that something was wrong, but im ok lol as long as you're not having any bleeding... (like you're about to start your period), than your good. It's just your growing uterus... you'll get more of these cramps further along in your pregnancy :) good luck and congrats!

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