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Im 18 and i might be prego with my ex's baby.

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I had my period in the 1st week of the month like always. I had unprotected sex with my ex 2 times a day every night...even while i was on my period. I ended my period and everythin was normal. This week on the 14th i woke up to spotting. Its been going off and on since then and did it agian today. I havent ever spotted before. I have been feelin lightheaded when i stand up, and felt like vomiting every time i ate. I had a few really bad head aches and i am getting cramps (not like period cramps) in my abdmoninal area. Does anyone know whats going on?

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well, you could be pregnant i think you should take a pregnancy test just to know for sure if your pregnant make sure u take a few test because sometimes u get a false result like when i got pregnant with my first daughter caitlyn i took 8 test because i was worried about getting a false result and i did only four said positive and four said negitive so i went to the doctor to find out for sure because i wasnt sure if i should believe positive or negitive and the doctor said i was pregnant sorry im just mumbleling on about stuff now its the pregnancy talk being pregnant makes u talk to much lol anyways just remember that if you are pregnant its worth it most of the time you are uncomfortable and tired but when you meet your little baby for the first time its just an amazing feeling when you waited 9 months just for that wonderful moment of holding your baby right now im waiting for that moment i found out im pregnant with 6 i know its totally crazy espeacailly when i have a 2 month old i know not spaced apart really well anyways im talking to much so good luck!
Thank you for your responce. Yea im not sure whats going on. Im not sure if i should wait till the 1st of next month and see if i miss my period or to just take it now.CONGRATS on your daughter and your new pregnancy!
just get a test and take it lol you will feel better once u know wheather or not u are
The mind can play tricks on you. The more you worry (or hope) you are pregnant, even if you are not you can start thinking you have symptoms, or you can delay your period. Easiest thing is take a test
instead of posting stupid questions about whether or not you are pregnant, why not just drive to the damn drugstore and BUY A TEST!?!?

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