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I'm 18 years old and possibly pregnant?

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I'm 18 years old and have been in a relationship with my 17 year old boyfriend for a year and a half. We started having sex at the start of the year, and I've been on the pill ever since. However, we've never used condoms, trusting the protection of the pill alone, and recently I've suspected I'm pregnant. I'm still taking the pill and my period is due in 2 days, but I've been getting strange symptoms for the past 2 weeks such as unexplained nausea/vomiting and hives, constipation/gas, and extreme fatigue (I'm usually tired, but not this tired)... I've also been having frequent dreams that I'm giving birth or have a baby and it's become a bit of an obsession for me. I haven't told my boyfriend as he's busy with school work, and I haven't seen him in about a week. How possible is it that I'm pregnant? I know 18 is very young to become a mother, but strangely enough I'm actually excited about it. I know both my parents will be supportive, and will allow me to live at home if I am pregnant and choose to keep the baby. I'm half way through my first year of college, and still living at home, barely ever go out or drink, and overall feel mature enough and ready to accept any outcome of this situation. If I am pregnant, is it so bad of me to be happy? Thanks in advance for any answers, your help is very much appreciated :)

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For one at 18 your not mature enough. the rest ya ur probably pregnant and no its not bad at all. with your boyfriends age tho and u being 18 not so good might have issues there (aka legal)

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