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I'm 19 weeks pregnant and I haven't gained any weight, is that normal?

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I've been told by friends that I should have gained at least 5lbs by now, but I've actually lost a pound since I got pregnant. I'm showing and my stomach has gotten bigger, but I haven't actually gained any pounds.

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That can happen with pregnancy. On average yes it should be about 5 pounds at this point but each pregnancy is different and it's not uncommon.This is the reason that the doctors will weight you each month to monitor your progress and if any red flags arise they will bring it to your attention. If you are really concerned and they have not mentioned anything to you then bring it up to them. Ask any questions or concerns you have. It's your time and your right to know and their job to answer and give you a peace of mind.
i didnt gain any weight till i was like 25 38 weeks now and gained 20 pds all together..i try my hardest to gain more but it just dosnt happn..if ur doctors concerned they wil bring it up..i u feel u want to gain then eat more cheese, dink more milk and eat more yogurt and peanut butter ..protien helps..or u could buy ensure , thats what i did and it seemed to help gain 2-3 pds a week.
I actually lost weight during my pregnancy as did one of my Sisters, both our Doctors said it was fine as long as the baby was on tract. I probably gained a total of 8 lbs in the last month. It was great for me I was 30 lbs lighter after my pregnancy and my daughter was perfect she was 6 lbs 12 oz...... 
Thanks so much guys! That makes me feel alot better! :)
Well everyone is different but i didnt gain weight till the 20th week and i was told it is normal. I was told that you normally dont gain weight till the 20-25th week. I ended up gaining about 20 lbs and my 2 week old was on the low side of normal but she said that is because i am very skinny. Well i was anyway.  Now im like 10 lbs heavier than i was before i got pregnant
I think it is ok. My friend actually lost a lot of weight during the first four months of her pregnancy, about 20 pounds. But she started gaining her weight back around her fifth month. Then started gaining extra weight around her 6th month. And her baby is perfectly healthy.
with my first pregnancy i lose 30 pounds i didnt gain any weight until i was around 22 weeks im now pregnant again and ive already gained 12 pounds its perfectly normal every pregnancy is different

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