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im 19 weeks today . & i think..

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i think i feel the baby move once in a while . but not alot . the doctor said the baby is right on track with my due date in January but why dont i feel him ??

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Your baby is still tiny. When I had my ultra sounds I had felt the baby move but when they did the 20 week ultra sound my daughter was doing flips and moving all over and I could not feel a thing. Same with my son at 18 weeks. It is hard with your first because you are not as sure about it. There is a bit of room in there and their little legs are not very strong. If the baby is towards the pack or your placenta is in the front it can be harder to feel.
Starting at 16 weeks I would feel something every now and again and kind of think is that the baby or my imagination?  At around 25-7 weeks is when I could REALLY feel the baby move. Even then, there were times when I would not feel her at all and I would get really scared and call my doc. One time she sent me to triage to be monitored, I think I was almost 30 weeks. They did an ultrasound and she was apparently sleeping, sucking on her thumb. I was sooo embarassed, but the tech said, 'trust me, you are not the first mommy-to-be that has freaked out and come to triage."
If it's your first baby it's common not to feel consistent movement until later on. In a few weeks you'll be feeling your baby all the time. At this point a baby is still quite small and isn't very strong, so you aren't likely to feel a lot of movement. Also, how and when you feel movement depends a lot on how your baby is positioned. At this point your baby may be facing your back and most movements would be easily mistaken for normal digestive activity. There are only certain places you would really feel kicks and know it, the main one being your bladder. If you're feeling some movements now and then I wouldn't worry. Just relax and know that in a couple of weeks your baby will be bigger and stronger and you'll be feeling a lot more movement.

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