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im 20 weeks and huge is it normal to have moody momets with my baby

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she crawls and puts stuff in her mouth and constantly messes with stuff then if i tell her no she lays stiff on the ground and screams so i said "FINE! whatever flop in the floor or eat stuff that can poison you i dont even think its worth it to make you stop your a brat!" i cried and held her for hours crying and saying sorry but why do i get so aggravated

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You're 20 weeks; I'd say it's normal to be moody with everyone.  And babies are fairly trying at five months.  Please don't give in to her so easily, though.  Yeah, she's crying to beat the band, but as I recall she's started teething, so she's probably trying to find something good to chew on to make her mouth feel less hurty.  Take away what she can't chew on, and give her something she CAN.  She's crawling all over - well, that's what she's SUPPOSED to do, she's exploring her environment.  And that's a GOOD thing, you want her to be curious and interested and not sit there like a lump.  Remember - she's not a brat; she's a baby.  But she will BE a brat if you continually give in to what she wants, good for her or not. You're a good mom, you're under a stressful situation and you're doing fantastic.  (I know I couldn't do as well in your shoes.)  Take a deep breath, and you'll be fine.
your hormones are in overdrive right now, so it's perfectly normal for you to be moody. she's only 5 months old, she's not a brat, yet. but as the previous poster stated, she just might end up that way if you continue. get on the floor and pick up everything that could possibly harm her. you need to get down on her level to see what she can and cannot get into. it's also normal for a 5 month old to put everything in their mouth. that's how they explore the world. she has no idea what is and is not dangerous, so it is your job as her mother to babyproof the house, or atleast the areas she will be playing in. as for the teeting, the only thing that worked for my daughter when she was teething was a beef jerkey stick. she would gnaw on it for hours, but it kept her quiet, and happy. not the most nutritious option, i know, but it works! there is no need to give her the whole thing, just a piece big enough for her to hold on to, i'd say about 6-7 inches of it. redirect her when she gets into things she shouldn't. but there's no reason to scream and yell at a 5 month old. it's not going to get you anywhere. she has no idea what your saying, and it's only going to frustrate both of you. keep in mind, that she will pick up on your stress, so try to keep it to a minimum.
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