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I'm 20 weeks pregnant, my baby has been very active since 16 weeks....

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Now for the last few days my baby hasn't moved, I haven't had cramping or bleeding so I don't think it's a miscarriage but I'm worried that something is wrong. Is it normal?

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Have you tried getting her to move? Babies are still small so they can turn and get themselves in a possition that you cannot feel as well. I know with both of mine if I poked and leaned over a lot they would get mad and kick me. You can also call your doctor/midwife and ask them if you could just come in for a check with the doplar. It might ease your worries if the baby does not want to move. But even at 20 weeks a lot of people do not feel their baby move at all yet
Definitely call your doctor so that you he/she can listen for your baby's heartbeat. But I agree with sjvanderwey, it's entirely normal for women not to feel their babies move at 20 weeks. So it's possible your baby has just moved into a position where it's harder for you to feel the movements. This is especially common when they baby is kicking against the placenta.
You should feel your baby move 10+ times per hour. If you're unsure about movements, call your Dr. ASAP!
I had the same situation, I called my doctor and he said to do not worry about bc baby is too small to feel every move and kick. Since you are only 20 weeks I doubt they will make you go to the hospital right away. I am now 27 weeks and the baby doesnt stop moving... :)
 it's harder for you to feel the movements. This is especially common when they baby is kicking against the placenta.research interest statement
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