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I'm 21wks pregnant and I can never get a goodnight sleep.. help!!!!me

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I try to lay on my side,but if I'm on my side for too long I'll start having bad pains on that side... when I'm on my back the baby kick like crazy through the night... what should I do?

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Try using a pregnancy or body pillow.  I am 22 weeks and I have to sleep with a body pillow or pregnancy pillow or I get shooting pains down my hip and leg.Good luck!
I agree I had to use two body pillows with my last pregnancy in order to be comfortable enough to sleep.. I think that we bought my pillows in my 6th month so that is around the point that you are getting too. And I hate to tell you but sleeping through the night only gets worse the further along you get.. we had our little guy on the 8th of dec and he was only at 37 weeks and for about the 2 weeks before we had him I was not able to sleep more then maybe a couple hours at a time.. I hope that you are able to figure out a way to get sleep now before it gets harder later on in the pregnancy.. and good luck
thanks moms 
I am 39 weeks pregnat and ever since I was about 24 wekks I have been having problems sleeping even on my side and on my back. I have a ruptured disc in my back so it makes it all even more the worse. Try sleeping in a recliner with your feet proped up thats the way I sleep and I get a good night sleep every time. Good luck honey I hope you find the sleep you are looking for. I can't wait to have the baby just so I can go back sleeping on my stomach on my comfortable bed!!!
i have the same problem and end up tossing and turning.what i do is i take a pillow and rest it between my knees while i sleep to take some pressure off of my hips,it makes a big difference and it kinda gives my hips a rest from the extra baby weight.

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