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I'm 22 weeks pregnant, and today I got the third cold? Why?

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It's common for women to get sick easier during pregnancy. Although new research may be changing the thinking on this, it has been a commonly held idea that pregnancy decreases a woman's immune system response, which leads to more colds. Certainly, pregnancy causes the body and mind stress, which definitely makes it easier to get sick. How often you get sick will also depend on where you live and/or travel and how often you get sick when you're not pregnant. Chances are both you and your baby are healthy, so don't worry. Just get as much rest as possible and eat lots of healthy foods. Don't take cold medicines unless your doctor has approved them.
While your pregnant there a bigger chance of getting sick and most of the time you get better without medicines and all that just eat healthy and drink alot of liquids and make sure you take naps to help you feel better.

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