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im 23 weeks with identical twins and can't sleep help

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i'm having identical twin boys and there already presenting head down and the Dr. expects me to have them in 9 weeks if i last that long. i am on bed rest and cant sleep i tried a body pillow and elevating my feet and my head and all the little tricks but still no luck. i have hip problems from this pregnancy which makes it hard to move at all and all i want is two hours of sleep. i have two other children ages 7 and 5 and its tiring me out really fast if anyone knows any good ideas i'm up to try anything at this point even my husband is going nuts trying to figure out what to do.

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Not a lot of sleep aids, either pharmaceutical or natural, are safe during pregnancy. Try some chamomile tea, warm milk, and prenatal yoga. Sleep with a pillow between your legs so that your hips stay in alignment. This will help you to stay more comfortable during the night.

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