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I'm 23 weeks....has anyone else been diagnosed with thyroid problems?

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I have been diagnosed with having nodules on my thyroid and have to go have a fine needle aspiration biopsy to see if they are cancerous, I was told that this can happen during pregnancy because of the increase in hormones. Needless to say I'm scared to death!!! Has anyone else gone through this?

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I was diagnosed with thryoid cancer when I was pregnant with my first son.  They found the lump about the same time that I found out that I was pregnant (a day apart).  There is a great website that you can get some good information and talk to other people.  I was scared to death as well.  I had the lump before I got pregnant, but didn't know it.  All in all, thryoid cancer is easier to get rid of and the chances of survival are good.  I have had cancer since 2007.
I haven't. I'm sorry I can't be of help. All I can offer is support and prayer. I will definitely say a special prayer for you and you as well amunro. Those are devistating things to have to deal with without being pregnant while you go through it. I'm sorry and I hope all turns out well and it is nothing serious! Good luck :)
Hi Breh, I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid at 12 weeks. I wouldn't stress to much about it but I did and it really was for nothing. I went to a specialist who do a blood test every fortnight and then a month later. He also did a scan on my thyroid as well. I was advised that yes my thyroid levels were consistant with an overactive thryoid but that this level was consistant with someone who is pregnant, thus I did not have to take any medication. The worst case scenario for me would of been that I would of had to have taken medication and have more blood tests throughout the pregnancy. You get used to being a pincushion anyway so I was fine with the blood tests. I am now 40 weeks and just waiting for little miss to arrive any day. I'm sure you'll be fine and as long as your doctor monitors your levels you should avoid going into an early labour. Goodluck!!
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