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im 26weeks & my belly keeps getting tight & it hurts . . .

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the pain is not too much its a little achy feeling but if im standing up & it happens i have to sit down . . . i dont feel no pressure but is that normal ??

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They could be braxton hicks(practice) contactions or even preterm. I would drink some water/juice and lay down for a bit and see if they mellow out. If you are really nervous give your doctor a call. They are always available to answer your questions and if they feel that you should come in they will tell you. So try to relax because stressing out is going to make them worse. Some braxton hicks can really hurt. Just watch if they are regular and coming closer together.
That definitlely sounds like Braxton-Hicks contractions. They're just your body's way of "practicing" for labor.I had them with my son for about two weeks straight before he was born. They were regular and timeable but would stop if I got up. For me, they felt like my entire belly tensed up and it was difficult to breathe through them, but they weren't painful. I've been having them with this pregnancy off an on since I was about 25 weeks. They're nothing to worry about, but you should mention it to your doctor. If you have an apointment coming up you can wait until then, or you can the office. Your doctor will want to know that you are having them so he or she can make sure they don't turn into real contractions.

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