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I'm 29 wks. preggo, is it Norm. to 'only feel mvmnt. on one side??

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The baby is very active, but only seems to be 'noticable' on my right side of my belly. Should I be concerened at this point?? My first baby was all over my belly, I know not all babies are the same, but it does make me worry.

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Chances are the side you're feeling movement on is the side where your baby's feet are. Feet and legs are the strongest so that's where you'll feel the most noticeable movements. And, since you already have another child I'm guessing you're pretty busy. It's normal to have some movement go unnoticed when you're caught up with other things.I am also 29 weeks and I feel movement all over the place throughout the day but it's mainly on one side, where I know my baby's feet are. I also feel some little flutters on the opposite side from her hands, but not nearly as much. Sometimes I'll feel hiccups, but not often. The thing I find to be the most odd is that I don't feel her twisting or turning much, so it's always a surprise to feel movement in unexpected places. I can be positive I know how she's positioned and then I'll feel something in a place she couldn't possibly reach, so I know she must have turned at some point. And then there are the times she kicks or punches in a place I do expect and then I immediately feel something where she shouldn't be. If I hadn't already had 2 ultrasounds confirming just one baby I'd swear there were two, even though the movements aren't constant. Sometimes it just feels like there's an octopus in there and my first two were not like this at all.My first girl was a strong kicker and had constant hiccups, so I was always feeling something but it was always in the exact same spots. My son barely kicked but I felt him twist and turn and stretch a lot, and like my daughter I could always tell his position. This one is so different, it's really weird.
Both my babies I felt most of the movement on my left side. My daughter was toward the right then she switched. It is mostly how they are laying. My daughter was facing sort of forwards so her legs were towards my belly and not my back like they should be. So her kicks were really strong. My son had his butt by my belly button and legs towards my left side. He would push with his feet and his butt and both would pop out. You would see a little bump for his feet and a big bump for his butt. It is normal. You baby is probably just settling in!
i feel alot of kicking on my right side too , & its really far to my right side . like almost in my back 

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