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im 34 weeks and i am having side pains(sharp) and a hard belly?

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My sides are a constant sharp pain and my belly hardens here and there WHAT DO I DO?

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It sounds like you may be in labor or having some braxton hicks contractions.the side pains you are having may be from back labor so i think u should call your doctor right away to find out.
thank you so much its hurts so bad
sounds like labor to me!!! best of luck!! You'll do great!
If it's only hardenig here and there then that's braxton hicks. As for the sharp pains that can also be braxton hicks. When you get the pain, try moving around, changing positions, if the pain goes away or eases off then it's braxton hicks. When you move, change positions, go lay down if standing and the pain stays then it's probably true labour. Typicially when you are in true labour the whole belly will harden.You are unsure or in doubt or not feeling right then go or call the doctor or hospital.
Im 34 weeks pregnant and having very sharp pain in my belly it wont go away should I go to the er

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