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Im 34 weeks, cramping between mylegs in the tendons by my wohoo. Norm?

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When ever i walk too much, for example, from one end of the house to the other maybe three times i start cramping between my legs in the tendons that are right next to my you know what. and if i dare walk anymore or anything that deals with standing up it start hurting like hell. is this normal at 34 1/2 weeks? this has been going on now for like three weeks or less. and another thing if it matters i have been carrying this baby low the whole pregnancy. this is my third pregnancy. please someone shine some light on this for me lol

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Just saw my doctor yesterday and he said that it is from my baby dropping its head into the canal. Its my first baby and im only34 weeks and 5 days today.  I've already lost a lil mucus from the mucus plug and they think I am going to deliver at around 37 weeks due to the way the baby is and its size.  I also am already dialated to 3 cm so we will see... but just make sure u talk to you doctor. Before he checked for the dialated cervix the doctor told me about the nerve that is explained in the above post, but then when he saw the dialation he told me that is what it is from...Hope u feel better and that everything goes just fine!
You and I are in the same boat.  I've been going through this since like 27 weeks when my tummy started shifting down.  my doctor said there are excrection ducts that help a woman function normally that run down our legs to our woohoo's.  These ducts can become swollen due to the baby and the position of your belly.  Apply ice when you feel swelling, massage the area to help ease the tension.  If you feel the cramping, just stop and stretch it as much as you can.  Wearing a maternity belt can also help get the baby up off the area.  I hate wearing mine, because it's not the most comfortable thing in the world, but I have to admit it helps a lot!  I also have a belly band that helps too (Old Navy, Target, Motherhood Maternity all sell them).  The way you are carrying the pregnancy definitely matters and I'm on #3 too, so stuff is definitely stretched out.  I cramp up so bad sometimes, I just have to lay out on the floor and relax until the cramp eases before I can go any further.  (I'm 32 weeks yesterday).  Try the maternity support belt - it will help a lot.  :)
we are all in the same boat i can't walk to my house from my mom my legs hurt so bad i fell like  my baby going come soon 2i was thinking it was just me

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