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im 34 weeks what are some ways to induce labor

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I'm not really sure that any of them really work but most people say having lots of sex helps induce labor and nipple stimulation
They don't really really work. If you are nearing or ready to go into labour then they help push you over that little bridge. You should not try ways of inducement until 38 weeks (baby is considered full term at 37 weeks), they say. Some other ones I have heard are red raspberry tea leaves, casterol oil. With the sex one you need to elevate yourself some and over the "fun" you need to lay and let it sit on your cervix. Sex is the same hormones that they use in the gel to induce but you need to lay elevated for a period of time. Hence why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Even in the hospital the gel doesn't always work. Have fun when you can!! =P
always I have heard walking can help move things around and make or help baby drop into position.
i agree with mommaduck, should not try before 38 weeks.  i know its hard and uncomfortable towards the end - but try to get some rest if you can. i was late with both my boys and none of the suggestions to naturally induce worked.  i ate fresh pineapple, spicy chinese food, intercourse, walking, squats, the tea - nothing helped.  i heard castor oil was not safe so didnt try that.  good luck!
Don't try to induce labor on your own! There's a reason babies are supposed to be in there for 40 weeks. You risk a lot of medical problems if your baby comes too early. Your baby will be considered a preemie if born before 37 weeks and very well could end up with a hospital stay. 37 weeks is considered full term but there is still brain development going on until 40. I know how uncomfortable you feel (I'm pregnant for the 4th time) but please think of your baby's health first.
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  i ate crushed pineapples and drunk the juice and went into labor an hour or so later.
that baby is not going to come till it is ready ......i went to the hospital 3 times with in 2 weeks in get induced i came home 2 times and the 3rd i was back in the hospital an hour after i left and my son come 3 hours later...10lbs 1 oz baby boy.....i did it with no drugs or last week i was not able to sleep i was not able to eat good was hell.....but i did not want to do that oil because my aunt had a still born beacuse of that buts stress on u and the baby if it does work and if it dont u will have the poops for a week strait ....and then the baby dont get the food and stuff that they need to grow the last i would not take it if i was you is bad all around.....let it come when it and god wants it to come
Okay so im only 33 weeks and a day but according to my OB and other professionals, any more due to the early birth rates anytime after 32 weeks is a viable pregnancy and not considered premature.

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