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im 37weeks pregnant and want him here any ideas

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whats the best way to start labour

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The best way is to wait and let it happen naturally. Babies need as much time in the womb as possible in order to develop properly. While 37 weeks is considered full-term there is still a fairly decent chance of your baby having some kind of respiratory problem if he's born this early. I'm sure you're impatient and probably uncomfortable, but you need to let him come on his own. Besides, all the natural ways to encourage labor absolutely do not work unless your body is already beginning the process. Trust me on this, I tried them all with my daughter, they're all a waste of time if your body and baby aren't ready.But, if you really want you can eat fresh pineapple, spicy food, try acupressure massage, walking/jogging uphill or up stairs. Stay away from castor oil, doctors don't recommend you try it as it causes side effects like extreme nausea and diarrhea.
LIke V said, just let things happen naturally. Your baby willm come when he/she is ready. The longer they are in, the more developed and healthy they will be. 
Oh hunny im right there along with you, ill be 37 weeks on thurs. Im getting sooooo impatient but all we can do is wait. Your handsome lil man will be here when he is ready and it will be incredible. I cant wait to see my lil angel but I dont have much of a choice.
Even though its hard to wait its worth it because then your baby is healthy, my last trimester was horrible everything hurt and I thought I was gonna bust. But I waited and I went into labour I had a beautiful child I am happy that I was patient and let my baby come into this world when it was ready for him.  The same with my second pregnancy I hated the wait but it was great when I held my daughter.

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