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I'm 39 weeks and 1 day pregant

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Ok so today I had a apoment and my doc said that I'm 1cenmeter dilated I'm 39weeks and one day pregant and she told me that if I don't have her on the 18 she's going to induce me earlery moring.on Friday and so I took the desires test and within 5to10 Mintues of it she was moving the way they want her to but the thing is that I didn't fell her at all but she moves my sister told me that she could have her back to my Tunney and that I can't fill her arms or legs move and that I could have lots of water in me to can anyone answer this ?

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I'm assuming you took a non-stress test to monitor your baby's movement and heart rate. They are pretty sensitive, and they pick up movements that you might not feel. So don't worry that you didn't feel every single movement. If there were any concern about your fluid level your doctor would hod an ultrasound To measure the amount of fluid you have, so I doubt that excess fluid is causing you to not feel your baby move.As far as the induction goes, did your doctor give you a reason for wanting to induce on your due date? Usually doctors will let you go a week or so past before inducin so that the they has a chance to come on its own. If there is no serious concern for either the health of your baby or for your health, you might want to discuss putting off an induction. I can tell you from experience that it makes labor more difficult and it also increases your risk for needing an emergency c-section. If there is a legitimate reason that you should not go past your due date, that's fine. But, if there isn't and this is just your doctor's or all procedure, you should talk about waiting an extra few days.

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