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im 4 months pregnant n my boyfriend

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has not called to see how me an the baby are doing. im doing things on my own. i wanna know how do single pregnant moms get through this i have no family to help nothing its just me this baby n my 4 year old. should i just let him go?

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That is hard to say. Obviously you Love him or you wouldn't be asking. My Opinion is, Your Babies Come First and you will do Great on your Own. It may be hard, butif he isn't concerned, just Imagine what your little one will feel once they are here and you are upset or until they get old enough to understand he doesn't care. You should do whatever makes you happy and whatever is best for you & the Little Ones! Good Luck.
All you can do is take care of yourself and your children. it would be bliss if he cared enough to check on you- and be there to watch his child develop, but you can't change people or make them want what you want. i wouldn't say hold on to him, but put him on the back burner: don't call him don't email/facebook or text. just concentrate on what makes you happy and keep the things that stress you out- like him- out of your daily routine. Moms, real, committed loving moms can do anything with or without help!
say goodbye. there are better men out there.
say goodbye. there are better men out there.
Right now, try not to let yourself focus on anything involving him (which is very difficult).  Remember that your priorities are staying healthy for you, your baby, and four year old-that means not stressing out!  A good way to focus on the positive is to find other mothers in your same situation or that just have a listening ear-maybe through a support group, someone you've run into through a mutual friend, or at a local church! Good luck and be strong! :)  
Sweety all that should matter to you right now is your babies. Men are all stupid and they wont relize there mistakes until its to late. I know its hard. Trust me . Before I married my son's father we had an on again off again relationship. I had to raise my son pretty much all on my own. When we broke up neither of us called or talked to each other and when we did all we did was argue until he relize what he was giving up. Now many people may think I am stupid for taking him back ( theres alot more to my storey but i just dont wanna get into it :) ) but  what Im trying to say is dont let him make you worry your better than that and he's the one who is missing out on something that is a blessing. if you want to add me on face book my name is Amber Cavurro  and im a really friendly person :)
Say there is the door Honey! Trust me staying for the kids  is not worth it and  damages the  child more!  There is  Hud  for help in  housing , food stamps for food  they will even help you get a better education a better job so you  do not have stay on the system for ever.  It wont be easy  But if  you want your kids to have  a stress free home surrounded by Love & not  tension or angry get out  before you lose your courage!
You probably should have thought about how it would affect your relationship to have a baby and planned accordingly. find someone who loves you and not someone who just wants sex. he obviously knew you had a kid already and was ok with that, why is he not ok with you having his baby? How are you supporting yourself right now, how did you support yourself before he came along? I'd say just let him go, you don't need that stress on you and the baby and you don't need your 4 year old seeing mommy upset and stressed, they might think it's their fault. do what the other post said, get online and find a support group near you and make friends. I wish you luck in your future ventures, good luck sweetie! 

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