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im 4 months.ppl tell me its bad to wear high it?

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it doesnt bother me at all wearin them.but i hate the fact ppl tellin me wat to wear n not to..

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The bigger you get the more your body gets off balance more easy, so you probably should stop wearing them all the time, you dont want to fall and hurt yourself or the baby, not to mention it's winter and if it snows where you live it's even more dangerous, think about whats best for your baby.. It's only for 5 more months.
It isnt bad to wear high heels... i would wear them during my pregnancy made me feel sexy and it looks cute to waer high heels too!!!
i agree with kierans_mommy2011 its not really good to wear them when your pregnant
I say its your body you know whats causing problems and not just use common sense and take advice with a smile and a grain of salt =)
I think the only reason they are saying that is cause its easier to fall while pregnant due to being so off balance. I've also heard it can mess up the veins in your legs. Nobody can force you to do anything but I wouldn't wear them just to be safe. Its up to you what you do though. Good luck! :)
Well... im 24 weeks && 2 days &&& i still wear them. but im very careful. but i think when im a little more bigger i stop wearin them i dont want to fall or anythin or maybe i will just wear them lower ones.
no it not officially "bad" to wear them. The risks are lower back pain, increase in off balanced equalibrium, or calf pain. If you and your legs feel fine, then wear them. You would obviously know what height to wear to avoid problems. I would love to wear my heels, but my balance has diffinetly changed. lol
the bigger you get, the easier it will be for you to fall. and that's not going to be fun. i dont know how you do it. when i was pregnant, the only thing i could wear were flats.
You're more likely to be a little clumsy while pregnant, so tripping and falling is a risk. Wearing heels is also a lot harder on your back, which will become painful soon.

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