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Most women start feeling movement sometime after 16 weeks, usually between 17 and 20 weeks. Sometimes it can take longer depending on where the placenta is located and whether or not it's your first baby.
i am 20 weeks pregnant today and its my first pregnancy, i felt my baby move for the first time just a few days ago, so im thinking its too soon for you but im not one to say, everybodys body is different.
@Celss23 5-6 weeks is way too soon for anyone to feel baby movements. At that point the baby is far too small to feel. Most women, even experienced mothers rarely feel their baby move before 15 weeks, but the 17-20 weeks I mentioned above is more common.With my first I felt movement at about 19 weeks. With my second it was about 16-17 weeks. With my third it was 18 weeks.
im about 2 mos now and this is my second pregnancy my first one i didnt feel move until i was about 6 mos but this second time around i havent felt the baby kick or anything like that  per say but i have felt it move after sex to a different spot and it kid of makes my back hurt but when i lay flat and hold my breathe i can see my lower stomach pulsing as if thats her heart beat
Im 7 weeks pregnant, this is my second....i have to say i havent felt anything yet but with my first one i was about 3 can feel the baby move according to my may not be what you'd expect but i can assure you, you can feel feels like little butterflies in the bottom of your stomache or well at least i did...but its enough for you to know so if you feel a little flutter in your stomace...its the baby moving....

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