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I'm 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant... I have some questions......

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Before I get judged I just wanna say a few things..It was NOT planned, I was on birth control at the time..I didn't know I could get pregnant..And to completely tell you everything, Alex and I got into an argument on facebook, so I told him to meet me at the park behind my house so we could talk about things.. Once we get there it turns into more than talking , and eventually we are underneath the slide thingy naked. I was taking birth control at the time and I thought I would be okay... And then I missed my period so 2 days ago Alex got a pregnancy test.. It was positive, so his mom made me an appointment and the next day I went to the doctor's and they did an ultrasound and of course another pregnancy test to make sure...Then my questions are I have been taking one a day teen advantage vitamins and I was wondering if it's safe to take them while I'm pregnant.........And my next question is, is it possible to be getting bigger, because before my stomach was flat and now it looks like it's got a little bump..It may be in my head because not everyone notices it but I notice it.............I understand it sounds crazy because my baby is the size of a sesame seed,Literally, but do you think it's possible?And my last question, because I am only 5 weeks I don't think it would hurt the baby if I suck in, but I am going to ask anyways..Can it? And regarding my mom, I haven't told her about Alex yet but I think it's a good time to tell her now..Getting pregnant has become a trend...Oops!

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You should be taking prenatal vitamins. The vitamins you have been taking are probably fine, but the prenatals have different amounts of certain vitamins and minerals because your body has different needs. You should also be taking a DHA supplement.It's possible that you are a little bloated right now. Your hormones are changing and that can lead to water retention, bloating, etc. Drink lots of water and only eat healthy foods.Sucking in your belly will not hurt anything.
Thanks for answering, I am taking prenatal vitamins, and folic acid. I was just taking the other ones because they clear up my skin.
I have another question, since I found out I was pregnant, I have worried about miscarriage..And it seems like today I feel empty, so I just got a random thought in my head and scared myself.Am I supposed to feel like this, and I supposed to feel pregnant because I don't really feel like that.
One) Miscarrage is a real thing until you're about 3-4 months along, then your chances of miscarrage drop dramatically.Two) It's honestly all in your head. Go to your local library and find a Pregnancy month-by-month book and read up on it; I got one when I first got pregnant and it answer all my question. Your hormones are going to make you feel like crap 90% of the time, you're going to be worrying over the littlest things and you're going to have nightmares and strange dreams and cravings. It's just part of being pregnant.I'm almost at 5 months and I'm still where you are; Just remember a few things; Always take your prenantal, whether your mom and you fight over the fact your pregnant or not she'll be there for you, eat healthy, exercise and don't smoke/drink/do drugs; the first 2 months of the baby's life in your uterus are the most crucial to it's development.Also; you cannot get pregnant a sexond time now that you're pregnant, so if you decide to continue to have sex with your baby daddy/boyfriend, no missionary style; laying on your back for extended periods of time can hurt the veins that bring oxygen-rich blood to your growing fetus. Same goes for sleepingo n your back, try and sleep on your side, like with a body pillow between your legs for support.
I do agree that you should read books, or even just information here on Parenting about what to expect during your pregnancy. There is a lot to learn, and reading up will answer a lot of your questions. Miscarriage is a common worry. Just know that it is completely out of your control, and if it does happen, it is absolutely not your fault.However, you do not need to worry about laying on your back until much later on in your pregnancy. Until your baby is much larger, it won't put pressure on blood vessels. If you have a hard time sleeping on your side, you should start getting used to it. But really, as long as you're comfortable, you're fine. Once your baby is bigger you will probably find it uncomfortable to lie on your back, and that's when you need to worry about staying off of it. But, with all three of my pregnancies I would wake up on my back in the middle of the night, mainly because I got extremely uncomfortable while sleeping. It never did my babies any harm. So don't freak out about that.Really, don't worry too much. Be healthy and things will be fine. You are not guaranteed to have any pregnancy symptoms, it's different for every woman. Just take things one day at a time. And if you need to talk, you can message me here, or I can give you my email address. I've been through it all three times.
It's really hard not to worry, even though this baby was an accident doesn't mean it's not 100% wanted now that it's happend.I am already a worry wart, this just gave me somthing else to worry about...And about the sex thing, we have and probably will continue to have sex, but I didn't think it could hurt the baby laying on my back..I have also had nightmares, like you said in your comment, every night I dream about this baby crying and I am lookig for it and then I find it and it's getting eatin by wolves..I don't really get why I have this dream, it doesn't really make alot of sense... I have also been throwing up for about 2 weeks now, I didn't know if it was me being pregnant or if it was the flu.........
It's completely normal to have weird dreams throughout pregnancy. Don't worry about them, don't try to analyze them. They will probably never make sense. Morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms don't usually start kicking in until about 6 weeks. The hormones have to get to certain levels in order to start having an effect on your body.Don't worry about lying on your back until you're much farther along. As long as you are comfortable, it's fine. Once you're about halfway through, you'll probably start feeling uncomfortable on your back, and that's when you need to start lying on your side. You can even sleep or lie on your stomach as long as it's comfortable. With my last baby I did that until about 19 weeks, because I wasn't showing until then. 
Speaking of morning sickness, I just found out I was pregnant a couple of days ago so I was taking medicine for what I thought was a flu or virus, and probably was, but I wasn't sure if it was safe to take these things. The only thing I took was pepto bismol and advil, but my friend told me that taking pepto could cause problems with the baby, is that true?
Adult Pepto Bismol contains aspirin, which can thin your blood, and should not be taken during pregnancy. Advil is not recommended during pregnancy because the effects have not been studied. You aren't that far along, and you didn't take these two for very long. Your baby should be just fine. I drank (a lot) during the first four to six weeks of my first pregnancy. My daughter is just fine. Better than fine. She's healthy, smart, and as a baby she hit all her milestones early. So, do your best not to worry. Plenty of women drink, smoke, and take medications before they know they're pregnant and their babies turn out great.
Okay, good..I was worried that my baby was gonna come out looking like the crazy people from wrong turn..


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