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I'm 7 wks along and only slightly nauseous..sometimes. whats wrong?

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My first pregnancy I swore I had the Flu before I found out I was pregnant. Im just puzzled as to why Im not with my it a sign that something is wrong?? My boobs are not as sore as I remember either.... Could it be because its my second pregnancy so my body doesn't have to work quite as hard to prepare for it as it did for my first?

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Some people dont have alot of morning sickness, or what I like to call "24-7 sickness" lol. Feel lucky! I had morning sickness starting at 5 weeks, that lasted up til I was 7 months pregnant, I had to be hospitalized 3 times from it, and was put on 2 kinds of medication for it. I puked about 6-10 times a day EVERYDAY! So dont complain lol
 Enjoy the treat of not having to deal with the negative aspects (or some of them atleast) of pregnancy! Nothing is wrong, I was sick  for the first 6 months with my first, when my second came around I wasn't sick at all.
that's normal. it's just morning sickness. i had what i called all day sickness. i was in the bathroom like clockwork every ten minutes with my head in tehe toilet until i was almost 5 months along. crackers, bread, ginger snaps, ginger ale, and sprite can help with the nausea.
Hun, you are just blessed... not every pregnancy is the same, and not every woman will always experience the same symptoms as other women. I wasnt nauseous with my second, either. It dosen't mean anything is wrong- it's a good thing!
I had killer morning sickness with my first, barely had any with my second and had a mild case with my third.
i am 7 weeks along too and im barely sick my self but now i know im not alone and its normal , but i am also on my 4th pregnancy so maybe it gets better each time or not. but one thing i know all pregnancies wont be the same and i wont complain cuz being sick we all know sucks.

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