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im 9 weeks and 6 days pregnant and craving glass

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i have been craving glass i was wondering if i should go to the doctor or try to just stay away from glass and hope i stop craving it

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Seriously I have never heard of the possiblities of this craving. I'd say go to your doctor!! As I know with some craving such as dirt you have an iron deficiency and pickles sometimes and be associated with mineral deficiency. I'd not chance it and go in then you'd know.
yeah my sister craved light bulbs when she was pregnant but glass its just weird im deffinatly gonna go to the doctor :) thanks
plz don't actually eat it! nothing good can come of eating glass and you have to remember that anything you do to your bady affects your baby.
what the hell? are you talking about ingesting actuall glass, as in a glass cup or the slang term for methamphetamine? either way, both are horrible for you and the baby. seriously, woman, you need to consider some counseling. if you cannot afford a counselor, draw a circle on the way, preferably brick or concrete, and bang your head repeatedly until you come to your damn senses.
It sounds like you are experiencing Pica. Don't beat yourself up about it because plenty of women have weird cravings such as; bark, glass, chalk, paper, paint, sand, dirt, clay...etc. Sometimes it can be due to a lack of a certain nutrient! Go to the doctor about it. He can always check to see if anything is wrong and if everything is fine, he will probably suggest ways to help you resist the craving. Good Luck :)
Agree with AmyPolitano11, it sounds like Pica. Call your obgyne ASAP to put your mind at ease and hopefully take care of that craving. Just don't eat it. Hehe.
pinkpaisley8709 thats really rude i would never eat glass for my safety and my babys
what do you expect from me? you post a question about craving glass. that would lead most people to believe that you just may eat it too. and just for the record, glass is also a slang term for the drug, methamphetamine. are you a druggie? you may want to clarify.
i'm rude, and you are ignorant!

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