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im about 6 or 7 weeks along and im spotting im scared what is it?

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im spotting im 6 or 7 weeks im really scared about it cus i dont know whats going on its my first baby and im scared i may lose the baby can someone help me i really want this baby and i really need to know whats going on the spotting is really light and kinda brownish and im having cramping to idk if i should be scared or if this is just something that happens if you can help id really like your words

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Don't panic!!! Mild crampiness is caused by ligaments stretching to support your uterus, and slight spotting that is not red in color (pinkish is not a problem) is also nothing to be worried about. If you have heavy bleeding or painful cramps that feel like a period accompanied by red bleeding, that's more of a problem to call your doc about.It happened to me early in my pregnancy too, and I freaked out and called my doctor, and she reassured me that it was nothing to worry about. My pregnancy and daughter were both perfectly normal and healthy! Try not to worry too much unless your symptoms become like the ones I described above. Good luck!! :-)

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