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I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and feel like I'm showing, is this normal?

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I'm pregnant with my first child, I'm about 6 weeks, and my dr's appt isn't for another 2 weeks. I feel like I'm showing alot for how early I am. I am tiny, but twins runs in my family, is there a chance theres more then one, or that I'm actually further along then I think I am... or is it normal to be showing already???

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It could be any one of the three - twins, further along or just showing early. Especially if you are a small girl to begin with, your belly doesn't have as much room to hide anything. I normally wear a size 16 jeans and am still not really showing at 22 weeks. Everybody carries different. If you are shaped like your mom she may have some insight, or if you are shaped more like dad his sister would be the one to ask (if he has one anyway).Good luck with everything :)
well i am 10 weeks pregnant . i have been to the doctor twice already. and i am sure that im not having twins i had an ultrasound. but i am already showing. not very much but definately showing. and im not very tiny. i wear size 7-9 jeans
I started showing before I even found out that I was pregnant. Everyone is different and that affects how you show and your symptoms and all of that. I wouldn't worry too much. You could be further along or have more than one but would that really be a bad thing? I just wouldn't worry. You'll know when you go to the dr. Until then just enjoy your growiing baby bump! :)
I couldnt fit in my skirts or jeans at 6 weeks! I was already a little heavy, but couldn't believe I wasn't able to wear my normal clothes. But I gained all of my weight in the first 4 months, and only gained 5 the last month! Totally opposite from everybody I know!  I gained 35-40 lbs during my pregnancy, and like I said, most of it was in the beginning! Well, I hope your baby is born happy and healthy!!! ~sarah
I'm just now 7 weeks today and I'm in full maternity clothes! This is my second pregnancy, but I did this with my first pregnancy too. Good luck and enjoy showing. I loved being pregnant and showing is one of the best part.
Thanks Ladies!!! Twins is something I had in mind aldready, since my brothers are twins, I know in most cases it skips generations but not always... I'm a tiny girl, only 5ft, wearing size 3 pants, me and my boyfriend haven't told our familes yet, were waiting till after the first dr's appt, so I can't talk to my mother yet about how she gained, but were very similar in size, and with her having singletons and twins, I'm sure she'll know whats normal. thanks again!!!

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