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Im almost 15 and I think Im pregnet.

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ok well september 7th is when me and this guy did it with out a condem, then I started my period early but Im a heavy bleeder and this time is was so light. Now everytime i eat, I wont feel hungry but my stomich will hurt for me to eat more. Like example of yesterday : I ate a hotpocket, A lunchable and some cheese, after that i was still hungry. My stomichs bloated and Im not even on my period then every time i look in my panties its like this whiteish color but alittle darker. Im confused, My boobs are sore and everything, And now my bf thinks Im always getting mad at him for something. Any advise?

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My advice, learn how to spell. Honestly, devote more time to studying and less to boys. It will help you immensely as you get older. Also, understand how our menstrual cycle works. Chances are good you've had several health classes by this point. If not, go to WebMD or something and learn exactly how everything works. Finally, take a pregnancy test to see if you're pregnant. I don't mean to be rude, but seriously. This is the FIRST thing you do when you think you're pregnant. I don't understand why so many people come on here to ask if they're pregnant based on some symptoms alone. Experiencing pregnancy symptoms does not mean you are pregnant. It is very easy for stress or a million other factors to effect your hormones. Slight hormonal changes cause a lot of different "symptoms" in your body. And, simply thining you are pregnant is enough for someone to start thinking they are having pregnancy symptoms (which not every woman experiences, and don't usually start until 6 weeks into the pregnancy anyway).
Oh, one more thing. Stop having sex if you are A. not ready to have a baby, and B. not capable of being responsible about using some form of birth control.
Ok Thanks.
And its not that, I would go take a test but I dont know how to get one and if i ask my mom I dont want her to say shes dissapointed in me. I admit what i did was a bad choice but I honestly dont know what to do. So thats why I posted this.
The only way for you to know is to take a test. If you are pregnant, you'll have to tell her. It might be a good idea to tell her now. She may be disappointed in you, but she may be willing to get you on birth control so at the very least, you can be more responsible.

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