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I'm around 4 or 5 weeks pregnant...please help me.

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Hello my name is Taylor. I'm 19 almost 20. I found out today that My Husband and I are pregnant. We just Celebrated our One Year Wedding Anniversary the 23rd of last month. Ok so here's why I'm on here...about a year and a half ago I had my left Ovary and Tube removed due to an Ovarian Torsion. Well back in Jan I was having some pain a I wouldn't stop bleeding so I took a test and sure enough I was pregnant. Then a week later I was told I was miscarrying my baby. I bled and hurt for 28 days it was horrifying. I didn't think I could get pregnant then I do and it's taken away from me. I barely got over it. My Momma has had 6 miscarriages and I'm an only child. I can't go to the Doc until Monday since today is Friday. I'm so scared something is going to happen. So basically what I'm asking is...can someone tell me what to do to relax and calm down, my nerves are everywhere. I don't know if I can go through a miscarriage again. I mean everything seems fine: I'm overly tired, feeling sickly, breast hurt, I'm moody, got some really bad heartburn and acid reflux going on ( common in my family when pregnant.) As of the 7th of this month I have officially missed my period, the test is pos. So I want to be excited but I'm terrified. What do I do?

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Just relax. Whatever happens is out of control, there's no sense in worrying about something that may not even happen. I wish you the best in all this!

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