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im a a bad person???

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my tio is geting remarried next year. a month ago i hear she was prego when i heard that i asked my tio if he was sure it was his and now yesterday i found out she lost the baby. i dont feel bad for what i said and when i i was told she lost the baby i straight out said "good it wasnt even his" i dont feel bad at all. i mean i have a right to right? i mean she lives in L.A and comes down only on weekends so i have a right to not to like her right?

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Of course you have a right not to like her. But when it comes to family and friends and the people they love you need to be a little more respectful. You not liking a person doesn't just give you the right to bad mouth them to the person they are going to marry.Regardless of who the baby's father was, this man was prepared to raise this baby as his own. He obvioulsy cares a great deal for her and the baby he was going to raise. It is extremely rude to say that anyone losing a baby is a good thing. That is incredibly hurtful and meanspirited. If I'm not mistaken, you know what it's like to lose a baby, right? How could you wish that on anyone else?And, what does living in Los Angeles have to do with what kind of person she is? If she works during the week it's understandable that she would only visit on weekends.
Well you can not like her all you want , but saying anything about who shes loves is another thing. The fact that he is gonna take care of the baby he must not care that it isn't his baby. And saying a miscarriage is a good thing is just mean and horrible, I had a miscarriage I lost my son and I wouldn't wish that on anyone its the most horrible thing. So if you wanna hate her you can but still its really messed up to say a baby passing away isn't horrible.
@vforventure yes i know how it is to lose a baby hurts a great deal....  i did not wish it on her it happend on its own..... thats the problem she doesnt work at all she lives with her ex boyfriend! she has two faces she acts one way infront of my tio and another behind his back! my tio has three teeage girls and to little boys. girls age 13, 14, 15, they say shes mean to them but infrunt of my tio shes super nice! this lady has 2 sons of her own and they are horrable kids they have no manners at all and they are slobs! @oceana she does not love him its obviouse as hel
my tio owns his own winery
The bottom line here is that he is an adult and is capable of making his own mistakes. He is not likely to listen to anything negative that anyone says about this woman if he loves her, and he especially won't listen to a teenager who is rude about her having a miscarriage. Regardless of how terrible this woman may be I think you need to be a little less judgemental, a lot less rude and much more compassionate. You're not even 17 yet, you have a lot of life left to live and lot more to learn. And in case you didn't see it in a different thread I responded to, I sincerely hope you do not try to get pregnant again any time soon.
ok Vforventure you are right i am a rude 16 1/2 year old girl (sometimes) and you are right i shouldnt get pregnant anytime soonand my tio does have the right to do what he wantsthank you for your help...
It's understandable why you don't like her but I would have stopped before making the comment about losing the baby out loud. Certain people are going to be in your life that you can't stand. You have to learn to accept that before the people you love accidently get pushed away.
AAWM thank you i think you and Vforventure put it in the best words

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