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im brestfeeding and my newborn wont stop eatingggg. helpp :/

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my doctor says feed her whenever shes hungry but shes always hungry and wont take the pacifier and starts crying :/ i wanna breastfeed but this is too much . i gave in and gave her some formula but i really dont wanna fed her that. shes only a week old and i have been feeding her whenever she wants ; but its soooo much . idk what to doo.

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All newborns are like that, they eat, eat and eat. But you should know if you make it through the next few weeks, they stop eating so much. Some of it migt be soothing, so try other soothing methods like rocking them in your arms. But the first month or two she will eat a lot. Just remember it's a phase, and will eventually pass, but if you decide not to BF it's not the end of the world.
That is normal for newborns. When my daughter was born I felt like she lived on my boobs! LOL It is kinda hard but it is the best thing for your little one. It does get easier in a few weeks. Like KayKaysMommy said they also do it for comfort. Try pumping to give you a break then dad can feed her and you can get a little break. My daughter had no trouble bottle and breast feeding but my friends won't take the boob after he got use to the bottle. It does get easier!!! Good luck!!
Normal. BFeeding was really hard for me for the 1st month! I nursed only twice or so during the day & pumped the rest of the day. BFeeding isnt for EVERYONE, Im a SAHM so its all good i feed on demand. Anyway if you do want to BF u have to nurse alot to get a good milk supply. If its something u really want id say keep on. Im really glad i did. My bbys 15 wks old =>
i went through the exact same thing. i was so close to giving up breastfeeding. i have a 5 week old and it really does get better. i know it's hard to believe when your baby is eating every 30 mins and it's 3 in the morning , but it's true. just hang in there. bfing is better for your baby. their poop won't smell as bad (if at all) when you're bfing. they won't get as gassy or spit up as much bc it's easier for them to digest. plus it'll save you a ton of money. formula is expensive. it's not the end of the world if you stop bfing and it's not for everyone, but i think if you hang in there just a little, you'll find it's worth it. hope the pep talk helps :)
newborns are like that they eat and sleep
i had this problem with my first daughter. It turned out she just liked to suck on something. Unfortunately you said that she won't take the pacifier. I developed a nocturnal seizure disorder from lack of sleep and while I continued breast feeding also did supplement formula or pumped milk. If you have someone else there, get them to feed pumped milk during other feedings so you can sleep.  You have to get sleep or it's no good for either one of you. Keep trying the pacifier. Try different brands. Maybe she doesn't like the nipple.

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