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I'm confused...Got a bunch of ?s

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First question, My husband job confuses me. They do not tell me what is going on and I don't understand it,He hasn't been at work and not like going to work everyday I mean at WORK for about I think 8 months and it's awesome I don't wanna sound upset about it cuz it's cool but I don't know why he's not. So my ? is. Is there a war going on? Should he be in it? What the heck is going on? I know I sound like a retard but I honestly don't know. You can leave rude comments and think I am stupid for marrying someone in the army and being a complete idiot when it comes to that, But in my defence we met at rallys I had no idea where he worked untill I fell in love with him. Not saying I wouldn't have married him for that but I would've done research. So my second one is. What on your thoughts on this name I created, Makayla joleen brooks???? I know I'm not smart and sorry if that offends you :)

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The military is complicated. Whether or not he is deployed at any one time depends on a lot of factors. Whether or not his particular unit goes to war or not depends on a whole different set of factors. We have soldiers dying all the time in Afghanistan. Be thankful your husband is safe at home. And, spouses don't get to know much about what goes on. The people in the military don't get to know a whole lot either. When my husband was in the Marine Corps his unit was assured they were not going to Iraq. They were on an aircraft carrier on their way to what they thought would be a deployment to Australia when they found out they were already on their way to Kuwait before going to Iraq. I don't really like the name Makayla any way it's spelled. It's a trendy, overly popular name and has been for several years. But, that's just me. I like more traditional, less popular names. My kids are Audrey Olivia, Harrison Thomas, and Vivienne Eloise. I also like Nora, Charlotte, Rosalie, Holden, William, Henry, Benjamin, and George.
I love that he's at home and I hope it can stay like this but I hate that they never tell me what's happening. It's always like this,I think everythings fine, and then out of the blue he has to leave. So I wish they would give me a heads up.Atleast then I could be ready for it. And about the names, I don't really like makayla that much either, Samuel picked it he likes popular names.But he picked caitlyns first name so it's my turn. I really like nora to so that's an option.
Like I said, no one gets advanced notice in the military. It's mainly for security reasons. Your husband doesn't get to know what's happening ahead of time, so naturally, you wouldn't either. Families don't even always get to know where their loved one is going. That's just how it is in the military.
I'm part of the Military and, I'm here to tell you that if your husband is not telling you anything about his job, just take it.  There are some parts of our job(s) that are classified and we cannot tell soul, no matter how close they are to us.V, there are a lot of times where the military doesn't give a lot of heads-up, but for the most part, the military is good at letting people know about upcoming deployments, excersises, etc.  However, like I said, if the mission is classified, then we cannot tell anyone about it. Hun, the best advice I can give you is this: suck it up.  I do not mean that to offend you in any way.  Again, I'm in the military and I understand where you are coming from.  He needs your support, not you inquiring him about where he's going, what he's doing, etc.
V, I know that your husband is a Marine (no EX about it) and I know that you told his story.  The military is... shall we say.. misleading at times about deployments.  There are some of my co-workers who get tasked and then told that they're not going to go and then, reassigned to a different deployment area.  I've known people that, when they've deployed, they've been taken to a different area to where they've got orders to.  Generally, though, military personnel get a head's up.
That's why I am sooo happy that my husbands days of the military are over,Same thing happend to me every time, And it was horrible but that's the military so we all just gotta deal with it. I don't like makayla that much. 

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