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I'm Finally 30 weeks! What else should I need?

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I found out today that my c-section is being sceduled for the 22nd of february,is there anything that i should also get now that would help since i won't really be able to do much after the baby is here that i can do now?

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I would do as much as you can in advance.. get the nursery ready, washa nd fold all the clothes and put them in the drawers/ hang them up for the little one. Get diapers and wipes set up in the changing table.. ect as much as you can knock out now the better it will be once the baby comes home.. we went as far as having the swing set up and ready with batteries in it so that we were ready.. our little one got here at 37 weeks so it was a good thing that we were prepared early as well.. good luck and hope I have been able to help atleast some

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