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I'm going insane

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Well, I actually have wonderful news. My husband is comin home in like 3 days I think, it turned out to be some sort of clean up thing. YAY NO WAR! I feel like a child.So now that I have made myself seem dumb, I'm goin insane. I can't get up to do anything but pee, my mom has been doing all the house stuff.I wanna do something and I figured I would tell everyone..I have a question though,I am like 23 weeks, I was 119 lbs before my pregnancy I am 130 and I am not that huge, is that normal? Is something messed up?

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I am sorry your goin insane, I know how much bed rest sucks. I was on bedrest from like 33 weeks to 39, it was really boring.I am happy that your husband is doing fine,And I agree with the no war thing..On to the question,I was 116lbs before, and at 23 weeks I was 132lbs. It sounds great.
You've gained 11 pounds. That's a normal, healthy amount.
shit, honey. i gained 60 lbs with my first, and 45 with my second.

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