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im gonna have my baby shower

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its early im only 20 weeks i need ideas come on mommas

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who you have many great giftblessings for you raytealmarisam
maybe you can do a gender-based theme shower if you're having a boy make everything blue if your having a boy or pink for a girl!
I am going to have a beautiful baby boy his name is samuel garret brooks. So, I could have a banner with his name on it then I think a tier cake with blue yellow and dark blue. Lol I know its crazy.
My favorite baby shower activty is onsie decorating. My mom purchased a bunch on white onsies, a variety of sizes, fabric paints, stencles and little buttons (I have very craft friends, but watch the sewing of the buttons). We had a ton of fun decorating these things (even the boys) and I ended up with some amazing onsies.  Everyone signed the bottom, and some even left a small note, so I could not bring my self to throw them out. My mother in law suggested that we make a quilt of them, so we are busy sewing away.
that's such a cute idea! and its adorable with the quilt idea! :)
KayKay, I am planning a baby shower in October for my best friend and I love the onsie idea. It's fun to have one-of-a-kind things for baby. Especially if she ends up having a boy. She has already specified that if she is having a boy there is to be no sports, trucks, or skull and cross bones clothing.
Oh, also...Oceana...My aunt threw my shower and she included in the invitation that anyone who brought a pack of diapers to the shower would get entered in a drawing for a prize.I didn't have to buy diapers for 3 months after Claire was born. It was so practical and helped me out a lot.

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