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im having a really hard time sleeping

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i dont know if its the crazy sometimes scary dreams im having but i feel as tho i have to be about to fall asleep on my feet to even go to bed. i wake up several times a night and when i wake up i never have the fully rested feeling. is anyone else going thru this and was their anything to help????

answers (3)

I am almost 26 weeks pregnant and last night was the first night I really couldn't sleep. Waking up every three hours does not leave ya with a rested feeling, that's for sure. Sucky as it is, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm wondering if it's the body's way of getting us ready to be up at all hours anyway here soon.
Oh Sweetie, it's called Pregnancy Insomnia and it is very common. It is your body's way of preparing itself for the upcoming interrupted sleeping pattern you will encounter for the first six months or so of your new baby's life. I bet you are tired in the afternoon and desire a nap?  Try to follow your body's signs and schedule of napping and sleeping. This, too, shall pass!
I had a very hard time sleeping my first trimester and also had nightmares. I had to take a naps throughout the day to just stay alert. It should pass though.

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