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I'm having TWINS!!! And I'm Freaking out... HELP!!! What do we need?

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My husband and I don't have any kids yet and we just found out that we are expecting TWINS!! We are overjoyed, excited, anxious, nervous and kind of freaked out all at the same time. So I was wondering what kinds of things we actually NEED vs. things that would be nice to have. Also, what would we need two of? Are there any other parents of twins out there who can give us any advice to make our lives easier? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA!!

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I don't have twins, but I do have three kids under five. I'm pregnant again, and actually nervous that we may be having will probably need two of each of these items:bath tubs/seats if you want to bathe them at the same time. Angelcare makes a nice bath seat that will allow you to bathe both babies in the tub at the same time. If you want to bathe them individually while they are little, you can get a really cool flower insert for your kitchen sink. I can't remember who makes it, but you can google it.two bouncy chairs. Very helpful if you will be bottle feeding. If you'll be breast feeding, you can just have one bouncy chair and one swing.two jungle gyms, or one large play mat for tummy time. If you do one large mat, there are some cute stand up mirrors from skip hop that will help keep your babies should have two boppy pillows. If you breast feed, you'll want one, and they're great for propping up your baby next to you on the couch, for tummy time, etc.two car seats, of course, and a double stroller. Two cribs, two bassinets, if you'll be using them.later on you'll need two high chairs, and maybe two jumpers/ far as other things go, you'll need double the amount of clothes (I like to have about two weeks worth of jammies and outfits, at least while they're little and spitting up a lot.) double the blankets (2-4 of varying thicknesses for each one).check out The Honest Company for diapers, wipes, bath products, etc. They are organic, affordable, and really great. I've been using them since my last baby was born and I absolutely love their stuff.
Congradulations on the twins! I had twins when I was younger (they are now 8) and was always told when I was pregnant that I needed two of everything which wasnt the case for me. Mind you I had limited space and limited funds (twins will do that ;) )The things I absolutely needed two of where Cribs (they slept in the same one for the first few weeks, but always had their own) Carseats, highchairs, and of course the double stroller.I had one excersaucer, one swing, one bouncy chair and two jolly jumpers (only used these a few times) and that took up A LOT of space. When they go a little older I also got one walker. By this time I was drowning in baby stuff and never seen the need in having two of everything. Never bothered with the little floor mat gyms either, just layed down a large fluffy blanket and toys for tummy time.Double the clothes for sure! And of course double the diapers, I used pampers myself but my kiddies were chunky and busted out of anything else lol. Now would be the time to get a new washer if yours is near the end of its life, I did A LOT of laundry :). If you are planning to breastfeed I would Highly reccomend a pump for after you establish breastfeeding and nipple confusion is no longer a problem, or if you need to up your supply. (my twins drank breastmilk, but never did latch on sadly) Another thing I would reccomend is the Medela sterilization bags for bottles, binkies, breast pump parts etc. Those were a lifesaver!Best of luck with the little ones :D
don't worry about twins if you don't even know you're pregnant. i had all the little signs they say means you're having twins, and all the ones that say you're having boys, but i gave birth to one girl. you never know until you get a blog about parenting training

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