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Im INREGULAR with my Period how would i know when i am Fertal?

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My Periods are not here every months so i never know when i am fertal so i can start having baby's what are some ways i can fighure out when it could be bc my husband and i are trying to start a family and i just never know when i am Feralizing. PLEASE Help

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I had the same problem.. I had irregular periods, and the Doctor's put me on some meds to help regulate me... i think it was called "metformin" an antbibiotic used for diabetics and also to help with weight loss.. He put me on that for a couple of months .. and i quit taking them for a lil bit.. it took a good couple of months before i could get pregnant on those pills.. and here I am 36 weeks pregnant with a little girl. best advice is just don't even try to get pregnant.. As soon as you quit trying to get pregnant, is when you will get pregnant.. that's what everyone told me, and sure enough that's what it took. hope this helps. Good luck.
I had PMDD and a history of Leep procedure, and PID, the doctor assumed I was infertile. I didn't want to settle for this, eventually even when irregular I started using a ovulation predictor calender, where you write down your periods and after doing it for 6 or 7 months they start telling you about when you will be ovulating, if you are in fact ovulating. I started using this in about August, and I was pregnant by the end of November. All the doctors are in shock, but I guess miracles can happen. I would try watching your periods even if irregular, I dont understnad the math myself so I used a free website, and IPOD apps, I used about 5 different ones to make sure I covered all fertile days. my favorite and I think most accurate one was the Sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes its quick, you never know, but even with irregular I think your best bet would to be to start by tracking even irregularities. I hope it helps you!

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