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im irregular and i had sex on last saturday and got my period on sund

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im irregular and i had sex on last saturday and got my period on sunday, but then stopped 3 day later and i have a cycle of 5-6 days. can there be a posiibility of me being pregnant?

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I am not sure about that. And I think if you are serious about that, you shouldn't depend on answer's from here. You better visit a doctor.ThanksTarget registry baby
It is always a possibility. Take a pregnancy test in two weeks or call a doctor.
no one on the internet is going to be able to tell if your pregnant or not. take a test, or go to the doc.
actually i read that if u have sex rght before ur period and then suddenly stop early on (such as spotting) then there is a VERY big chance u are pregnant. my friend got pregnant like that and we knew some else that did too. But i agree with the rest u should get a tesyt but im pretty sure you are(;  

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