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Im lactating but just started my period, could I be pregnant?

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I missed my last two periods and started lactating so, ofcourse, the first thing I thought was pregnancy. I started bleeding this morning, though lightly, so now Im wondering if it could be something else, because I didn't have my period, or started lactating this early with my first child. Does anyone have any ideas befor I fork out the money to go to the Dr.?

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I started my period right after my son turned 4 months. I was producing a lot and he was nursing every 2-3 hours through the night. With my daughter I had an IUD and spotted for almost 6 months then got my period. It is different for each. I would not worry too much, our bodies do wierd things after having babies
I'm confused. Did you just recently give birth and are nursing? Or is your child older and these are both new symptoms?If your missed period and lactation are not related in any way to your first child, I would talk to your doctor.

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