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im at my due date, why haven't i given birth yet?

4 answers
My due date is aug 22 and here i am..why haven't i given birth yet?

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Babies come when they want to come. Due date is just a guestimate and can be off by a couple of weeks. Just try to relax. Most doctors will definitely induce before you hit two weeks over due. I know you have been waiting a long time already just try to have patience and hang in there. Congrats on becoming a new mommy
Just hang in there, your baby will be there soon. And with the due date they are never exactly right unless they induce you.
It's common for first babies to go a little past their due date. Due dates are estimates that are based off the first day of your last period and it assumes you ovulate (and conceive) two weeks before that. But, if you ovulate at a different time during your cycle it will affect the timing significantly. Just a couple of days can change your due date by up to a week. It's rare that a woman actually gives birth on her due date, the baby will decide when he or she is ready. And, if the baby doesn't come by a week after your due date your doctor will probably schedule a date for induction because it isn't safe for the baby to stay in past 42 weeks.
my first son was due May 1st. I finally had him may 21st so be patient, the baby will come when he/she is ready

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