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I'm a new mom, having to return to work. Any ways to make it easier?

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I can't believe it, but my 3 months of maternity leave are rapidly coming to close! I am a first time Mom and simply can't believe how much I love my little man and I can't fathom being away from him for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice financially. For the first one and a half months, my mom is going to be watching him and then she will continue to watch him for a few days, but he will go to a home daycare the other days of the week. I love my mom and trust her completely, but I fear that she will try and take things over and I will no longer be "the mom." I plan on having a talk with my mom about my concerns and trying to make as much structure as possible, but every day I'm home with him is different. Any presceptive, reassurance or advice in this matter? How do I go about being open, direct and yet compassionate to my mom? Please help! Thanks.

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sad to say but there is no way to make things easier your going to have to do what you have to do for your familys sake when you are in that position financially you have to sacrifice some to win some but you will never and i repeat never stop being the mom you just have to be a multitasking mom. i went through the same situation when my husband lost his job when our son was about 3months and i had to go back to work it was hard and i cried everytime i left and every time i got home (lol) but i know that i wasnt leaving him to go do wrong but to do righthope i helped <3
my mom works and i would love if she was able to watch my sons.  although i understand your feelings, i think it will be awkward to tell someone you are concerned how they would care for your child. especially you mom. my aunt watches our sons and what i do is tell her how grateful to have someone so close to us caring for them and who knows and is familiar with the way i want them cared for and then i give examples, like i would like to try to keep him on the schedule that works for me with feedings, etc. and make sure to make a list or use a board on the wall to write down how, what, when he should be feed, changed, etc.  good luck, it is difficult to go back to work, but it is worth it to support them and help your family financially!  my favorite motto is it is the quality of time, not quantity of time spent with those we love!  =)
I would make a list of the things that are most important to you, schedule etc. and just run it by your mom, I would NOT tell her I was worried about her doing things "wrong". and as much as it worries you, you will ALWAYS be mom and no one can replace you! Just think how close your little guy will get to be with his gramma! alot of young ones dont get that chance, he is a lucky boy :)

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