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Im a new mommy. I wanted to know how early do symptoms come ?

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Im currently having headaches and I never had a period due to being on depo, but I forgot to go get my shot. So I dont know how cramping feel but my stomach have been hurting really bad lately . Ugh ! Can anyone help me ?

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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. Cramping can be painful or it can just feel like soreness. It's hard to describe because it can be different for every woman. If you're sure you're pregnant some cramping is normal, but you should probably call your doctor if the cramping lasts, especially if you have spotting along with the cramping. As far as when pregnancy symptoms occur, it's different for everyone. But the averag seems to be around 6 weeks. By that point your body has a high enough level of hormones that they can start affecting your body. Headaches can be normal, but your best bet is to discuss all of your symptoms with your doctor. They can be normal, or they can be a sign of a problem. Only your doctor can figure that out.

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