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Im not sure if im pregnant or not

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Well, june 2nd 2012 i had sex with someone but i was on my peirod. The next morning my period was very light, then stopped completely the day after. I told my mum and she said wait two weeks and well take a test. So when we did it came up faint so we decided to take another test and it came up negative. However it's been three-four months now and im very bloated, and my breasts are very tender and sore, to the touch. The tests come up negative, but my doctor said it is a possiblitiy that i wont show on a pregnacy test. Can anyone help please!

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Did your doctor do a blood test?If you had sex during your period, it is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant. I suppose it's possible if your cycle is very abnormal, but it isn't likely. If you've gotten negative pregnancy test result, it's not likely that you are pregnant. If you haven't already, have your doctor do a blood test. That's the only way to know for sure.

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