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Im only 22 weeks and leaking a yellowish liquid from my breasts?

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I know wat it is, but isn't it too early?
It's normal! ...I would mention it to your doctor the next time you go in, but i leaked a good bit when I was pregnant with my son and I'm 24 weeks pregnant now and started leaking a little on and off.  It's nothing to be worried about :)
It's called colostren (or something similar) and is completely normal. If you leak to much, get the breast pads that you put in your bra and remember to change them too.
It's completely normal. I started leaking at 5 months. My doctor said it's fine just get breast pads.  
Thank you all so much. Ive had plenty of prego friends an all said it was too early. Now i can have an eased mind. Bought light nursing pads an have one less thing to worry about as I plan for baby Lilly :)  Appreciate all of your help!
I was leaking with both my pregnancies around 5 months.
Yup. Totally normal. I started leaking, a lot, around four months along. All of my friends who had been or were pregnant through I was a freak, but I did a little research and found it was totally normal. A hassle. But normal. Hehe. Best of luck to you!

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