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I'm pregnant!! :) but...

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I'm not too sure what foods I shouldn't eat now. Fish is out of the question, right? And since we're low income right now (not poor but not rich) we are wanting to know if WIC would be a step to take for our child and we hope that you can give us some helpful tips on how you prepared for your own baby. thank ya xxooo

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There are few things you should not eat or you should restrict.  I do not eat sea food so I do not know the "rules" on fish, but cut back on caffeine and eat a well balanced diet, lots of greens. If you are low income there is no reason why you shouldn't qualify and use WIC.  That is another thing I do not know about because I would not qualify. Make an appointment with your dr should be #1 priority.  After that don't stress, relax and let let your body go to work.  Good luck!
Hey, if you qualify for  WIC, do it.  I don't know much about the program, but if they're willing to give you subsidized or even free food, that gives you more money to put toward other things your baby needs (or even put it toward saving for college).  Definitely talk to your doctor about what foods to avoid, or do a basic google search.  You'll turn up more information than you wanted.  I do know that sushi's out, as far as seafood goes, but I don't think regular, cooked fish is ENTIRELY out, just one of those "don't eat more than X times a week/month".  It's to do with the levels of mercury in the fish, not the relative healthiness of it.  Mostly, just try to eat sensibly.  No matter what people tell you, you aren't ACTUALLY eating for two!  Pregnancy is not an excuse to go for the second piece of cake!  And listen to what your body tells you, in regard to cravings.  I had a co-worker who loved bananas.  The first time she tried to eat one while pregnant, she got violently ill.  Turned out her baby is allergic to bananas!  Who knew??? Congratulations!
u can eat tuna a few times a week but not much other fish...eats lots of protein and fiber and drink lotsof water..u will qualify for wic based on how much income u have for 3 ppl(the cout the baby even though its not here yet)..while ur orego u will egt free milk, cheese cereal beans and fruits n veggies..once the babys born u will get formula and the same food u were getting before then when the babys older will get diff dhs for more info
wic will either give you vouchers to use at the grocery store, or give you food, depending on what state you live in. here in ms, a pregnant woman would get milk, eggs, cheese, wheat bread, juice, peanut butter, cereal, veggies, and fruits. for a basic list of what you can and cannot eat, look under the prego section of this site.
you can apply for wic at your local health dept. you will need to show them proof of pregnancy, residence, and income.
thanks guys helped alot!! :))
Tuna, specifically albacore, should be avoided.  The other canned tuna is ok, but limit to 1 can per week.Get prenatal vitamins, extra Calcium and extra Omega 3.

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