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I'm pregnant.(not a question Btw)

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I'm 5 weeks pregnant, I'm so excited. I finally feel like my life is getting better, Samuel has made alot of progress we haven't argued since we got back together I think taking a break was good for us. I can't wait to meet my new baby!! We already have a few names picked out, and I have already started buying stuff sam keeps telling me to not get my hopes up but hes just a negative nelly I wanna just go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff so he will just have to deal with it .Soo anyways heres my long message about my life. :)

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congrats, and not to sound negative like your husband, you may not want to go crazy shopping for baby stuff just yet. after all, you are only 5 weeks along. i know how exciting that can be, and it makes you want to go to babies r'us and buy the whole store. if you saved any of caitlin's baby gear hopefully you can get some use out that again! i wish you the best, and i will be praying that everything goes well for you. i created a blog this morning, so check it out. i will be featuring things on preschool at home, fun crafts, sewing projects, etc. feel free to join and comment.
Thank you,and I do still have caitlyns bassinet and changing table so I plan to use that for this baby.I will definetly check it out!! :)
Knowing your history of miscarrying, I would wait quite a while before buying much. I know how exciting it is to be expecting a new baby but should something go wrong you don't want all the clothes, blankets, etc. as reminders. Plus, won't it be more fun to shop once you know if you're having a boy or a girl?
Yeah, I think it would be better to wait but I just wanna go out and buy everything and it doesn't help that I'm impatient. 

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