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Im really stressed what some things to make me feel better.

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After my miscarriage me and my husband have been upset and stressed caitlyn is with my mother so we can have time alone. Whats something to make us feel better and calm.

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Cry.  Talk to each other.  Hold each other.  Watch a movie or TV show.  Play with Caitlyn.  Cry some more.  Do stuff you enjoy doing - whether it's cooking, or walking, or painting, or writing, or reading, whatever.  Go on walks.  Get some exercise, as much as the doctor allows, in whatever form you enjoy.  You're grieving - you need to allow for that process before you can heal.
Juast have some you time let him go to a ball game or something and you have a mall day. Just like the other answer you need to give your self grieving time.
I have had 6 ectopic pregnancies all with raging hormones afterwards and major surgury involved each time my most recent was last year I went in for an emergency Hysterectomy and they had to postpone it a day because I was pregnant again in my tube.  Just trust that there was a reason that it did not work out there is always more time you have to stop being depressed about it and continue trying that is the fun part.
try keeping urself busy and do things that u enjoy doing. spend some time with caitlyn. have you guys some family time. im sorry for ur loss and i hope things get better for u guys!! <3
know people care...don't shut them out...they may not know exactly WHAT to say, but lean on that love and support...even if it's just "being with" you... I, too, am very sorry for your loss
Keep a Journal of what you are feeling, You need time to grieve and be there for each other. I am sorry for your loss.

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