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I'm a single dad i want to know how my daughter can be happy with me.

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Im a single dad and i want to know how my kid at the 8 girl. She likes to be more with her mom then me. Also want to know how she can trust me more and can tell me anything she want that she has on her mind. Im here for her know matter what happens in her life. I all was tell her that I love her when she with me or not.

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She may prefer her mom over you, but whatever you do, stay in your daughter's life.  Girls without a dad often end up going the wrong way in life as they begin looking for the affirmation of their worth that usually comes from a dad.  Just always be honest with your daughter.  Try to keep the lines of communication open.  You already said you're there for her no matter what.  I pray she'll appreciate that as she grows.
Just stay the course. Don't spoil her or try to "win" her love. Then she may just play you guys against each other. Children go through phases. My 8 year old has always been shared custody. We both used to do our own thing and he would go back and forth on who he wanted to be with. Now his father trys to win him over, it worked for a little bit but now he doesn't want to go over there at all. Just be there for her, be a good male role model for her, don't spoil her, and NEVER say anything bad about her mother in front of her.

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